Do you have digital content and interested in selling your product in Japan?
We have prepared an easy to understand how to guide for you!

CuriousFactory Distribution Network

With CuriousFactory's Distribution Network, you can sell your downloadable games and other digital products on more than 10 Japanese online stores, including DLsite - Japan's largest digital entertainment online store.
DLsite carries thousands of games, videos, comics and other download products.
Reach a global audience! When you add your product to the CuriousFactory Distribution Network it becomes available for purchase by customers all over the globe and in Japan.
Leave the distribution to us and maximize earning potential while you can focus on working on the quality of your work.

Characteristics of DLsite

  • DLsite has more than 28,000 registered creators / developers, has approximately 190,000 registered titles, and has more than 800,000 registered users.
  • No limitation to product size.
  • We will take care of marketing, sales and distribution of your product in total.
  • We accept products in all various genres.
  • There is absolutely NO registration fee.

Registering Your Works

Please see "Compliance Policy" for product restrictions and rules.

Registering your product

When you register your product, we ask you to upload or mail the product to us. If the product size is small enough, you may be able to email them as an attachment. If the size is too big to attach, please upload your product and send us download url.

Product Review

For all products submitted, we perform checks based on our product requirement and regulation. Please be advised that if we find your product not suitable with our "Compliance Policy", we may have to reject your submission.

Compliance Policy

As a company, we execute our service based on the social ethic and moral as well as following the applied law. Also, we like to build a long lasting, trusting relationship and credit from our users and participants. It is important for us to run our service with healthy and ethical management. Therefore, we ask all users of DLSite to acknowledge the Compliance Policy.

Protecting Your Product

*About Software Protect

We offer free DRM for your product upon your request.
That's all.

Are you ready to distribute your product to the world audience? We look forward to working with you!

About Pricing your Product

Below is the chart which describes Store Price.

Store Price = Your Price + Service Fee

Your Price: The actual profit you receive by selling per product.
Store Price: The actual price customer pays to purchase your product.

How you decide Your Price is up to you.

Payment is made on the 28th of the next month after the closing date of the current month. Please be advised that the total sales of your product must reach at least $100 in order for us to make a payment to you. If your total product sales did not reach $100 in the current month, the balance is carried to the next month.

* is the average

your price approx in $ store price approx in $
25 yen $0.21 100 yen $0.85
50 yen $0.42 200 yen $1.69
80 yen $0.68 300 yen $2.54
120 yen $1.02 400 yen $3.39
155 yen $1.31 500 yen $4.24
210 yen $1.78 600 yen $5.08
295 yen $2.50 700 yen $5.93
330 yen $2.80 800 yen $6.78
365 yen $3.09 900 yen $7.63
*450 yen $3.81 *1000 yen $8.47
535 yen $4.53 1100 yen $9.32
620 yen $5.25 1200 yen $10.17
705 yen $5.97 1300 yen $11.02
740 yen $6.27 1400 yen $11.86
775 yen $6.57 1500 yen $12.71
860 yen $7.29 1600 yen $13.56
945 yen $8.00 1700 yen $14.40
1030 yen $8.73 1800 yen $15.25
1115 yen $9.45 1900 yen $16.10
1150 yen $9.75 2000 yen $16.95
1185 yen $10.04 2100 yen $17.80
1270 yen $10.76 2200 yen $18.64
1355 yen $11.48 2300 yen $19.49
1440 yen $12.20 2400 yen $20.34
1525 yen $12.92 2500 yen $21.19
1560 yen $13.22 2600 yen $22.03
1595 yen $13.52 2700 yen $22.88
1680 yen $14.24 2800 yen $23.73
1765 yen $14.96 2900 yen $24.58
1850 yen $15.68 3000 yen $25.42

If Your Price for the product is more than $26.00, Service Fee will be 45% of Store Price.
*8% Japanese sales tax will be added to Store Price upon purchase.
*In the future, Store Price listed on this chart might change depends on Yen exchange rate.